The beach at Elwood is just the best place for family photoshoots, especially when you have little ones! We had such a fun time with Liza, Warren, their son Aston and little fur-baby down at Elwood Beach earlier this year. Liza was a couple of months off giving birth to her second child and wanted to have some lovely images as a reminder of her pregnancy. We thought it would be great to combine it with a family photoshoot down at Elwood Beach. Perfect for an Elwood Family Photographer.

Elwood Family Photos – candid and natural

This beach is normally a very busy spot. Due to the breeze making it slightly cooler than normal and that it was close to dinner time, we had it pretty much to ourselves. The combination of a slight breeze and sunshine makes for the most gorgeous sunlit images with movement! Children and pets love the beach as well. Not all beaches are dog friendly so make sure it is beforehand if you intend on taking a dog. Although I did recommend that they bring something to keep the little one occupied with (in this case it was a footy), the beach offers so much to keep children entertained! Aston enjoyed jumping off the wall onto the soft sand multiple times as I tried to capture him doing so! The rock wall which jettied off into the sea was also an activity of interest as well as all the stuff, like seaweed, which is cattered along the beach.

Family Photographer in Elwood – fun photoshoot in Melbourne

The key to getting plenty of smiles from kids is to engage them. That’s exactly what we did and we sure did get laughs and smiles – from the adults as well! Their little dog wanted to get in on the action too, which is great as he’s part of the family and it’s nice to have them in the photos. Just walking along the sand and lifting their little one into the air gives me a good opportunity to snap some fun action. Asking Aston to jump off the wall over and over was another great action as well. At the end of our photoshoot, he wanted to show me how good he was at cartwheels! Every kid has something which they love to do, which is so much fun for them and makes it easy to produce memorable pics.

When a client asks me for pregnancy photos, I’ll always explain that I will photograph her during pregnancy in a natural way. This will mean a simple outing to a park or the beach with her partner and children if she already has some. My photographic style isn’t about baring the tummy for all to see (unless it’s the height of summer and she wants to be in a bikini!) or to have everyone’s hands on her tummy. With our pregnancy shoots, we’re all about capturing the beautiful, glowing woman going about life naturally before she brings another human being into the world. These images of Liza in her last couple of months of pregnancy is a perfect example of what I offer.

Memories for a lifetime – Elwood photographer

We were very lucky that the weather turned out so beautifully for us. The lighting was just right and we were warm enough until sunset. It was raining the day before the shoot! If it had rained on the day of the photoshoot, we would have been happy to move it to another available day. Are you a beachy family? Maybe it’s time to contact us and have your own family captured at a beach as well. There’s so many around Melbourne to choose from. You can choose one which is special to you or let us guide you to a beautiful one.


Family on the rocks at Elwood

Dad and son on the rocks at Elwood beach - Family Photographer iN Elwood

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