So mum’s been there for you all her life. She’s wiped away your tears since you entered the world and given you cuddles and kisses (even when you didn’t want them). This amazing person cooked your favourite meals on-demand, stood out there in the cold to watch you play your chosen sports, encouraged you to do and be your best, played taxi driver and picked you up whenever life brought you down. She’s done all that without expecting anything but your love in return. She’s smiled and been thankful for every candle, soap, tea-towel, keyring, coffee cup, perfume, handbags and shoes she’s ever received on Mother’s Day over the years. Maybe it’s time to give her a gift which will stand the test of time. We have the best mothersday present you can buy. 

family photo in park - mothersday present

Giving the gift of memories – The best mothersday present!

Giving the gift of beautiful photos is always going to bring a smile to mum’s face on Mother’s Day. She’s going to cherish those images which will last her a lifetime. Those images will have you in them, and any of her other children which she wants in the photos. You can choose to give her a voucher to present to her on Mother’s Day or organises a photo shoot prior to Mother’s Day and gift her with the prints. You might even opt to have photos done on Mother’s Day to capture your celebration with her.

Our photo shoot will be nice and natural. We will not be pushing you into uncomfortable poses. Instead, we will snap away while you go about being a family. We’ll also give you some guidance as to how to look your best in the images we produce for you. Our family photo shoot is aimed at capturing that special bond which mum has with her kids, whatever age they may be.

You can let mum choose what kind of photo shoot she wants or ask us for some ideas on how to style the photo shoot. It’s good to have a theme such as a picnic set-up at a park, a high tea, a family lunch inside or in the backyard, enjoying time together at her favourite beach, doing your favourite activities together. This will ensure that we have plenty of opportunities to create amazing images. Whatever theme you go with, make sure it’s one which will bring plenty of smiles everyone’s faces – especially mum’s.

Our Mother’s Day Package – the perfect present

  • Our Mother’s Day photo shoot package includes mum, dad and children.
  • You will receive 10 beautifully edited photos on a download.
  • More images will be available for purchase

More info about pricing here.

Please be aware that actual bookings on mothers day are very limited – we suggest you get one of our gift vouchers.