So you’ve booked your newborn for a photography session with us in Melbourne, Australia. They grow so fast so these precious images of them in the first two weeks of their lives will be something you’re going to appreciate as they grow rapidly into big babies!

Newborn Photography in Melbourne with artoflife Photography is lots of fun. We want to give you the best photos of your little one and it’s more than just turning up to take some snaps of little precious, We’re about making works of art for our clients. Our images are taken with care to details.

Great styling of the photo shoot will ensure that your pics will impress all who take a look at them! Our newborn photography sessions are in your Melbourne home – we come to you.

Best Time For Your Newborn Photography Session

Newborns are unpredictable this early on. Their behaviour may change on a day-to-day basis. If you’re one of the lucky ones, they will be in the routine of feeding then sleeping mostly at this stage. For most newborns, late morning to early afternoon sessions are best.

A late morning start will give you time to get yourself prepared. Babies and parents will be tired towards the end of the day as well. The photography session is kept short so that you and baby can get back to resting.

What Should Baby Wear?

We’ll start off with baby dressed in the bare minimum. A little singlet and nappy will be sufficient but make sure baby is wrapped up and kept warm on cooler days. After we get shots of baby’s little body parts without clothes on, we’ll put on an outfit.

Some babies don’t like any of their body parts uncovered so just go with what’s best for your baby. Your newborn’s outfits should be kept simple. Plain neutral colours are best. Try to coordinate outfits with the toys and decor or whichever room we are using.

Be Photo Ready As Well

Don’t forget to dress in something you want to be seen wearing in the pics as well! Please keep in mind to wear coordinating colours. We’ll take pics of you holding baby at times.

We realise that it’s hard to feel photogenic so soon after giving birth but every parent has appreciated the photos of them with their newborn when they see them. If you have other children, make sure they’re clean and dressed photo ready as well. It’s a precious scene to have siblings adoring the new addition to their family.

Best Place To Photograph Your Newborn?

Ideally, it’s in a warm room with lots of natural light. This could be in the nursery, one of the bedrooms (have nice bedsheets on) or the living room. We may use a couple of different rooms to give you some variety in your photos.

Whichever room you want your newborn to be photographed in, please ensure that it’s kept tidy. Remove items which add visual impact or create distraction.

The room should be kept warm if we’re to get pics of babies little body parts without clothes covering them. Newborns like to be kept warm. Especially in the Melbourne winter it can get cold.

cutest baby photos - poarents holding baby - hands

Photo Props For Your Newborn

We’re looking for textures to photograph your newborn on. This may be beautiful wraps, blankets, cushions or even a nice rug in the home. Think of special toys you want in the photos with your baby.

If you have pets, they’re always fun to have in the pics if they can behave themselves! It might not all work out but we’ll give it a good try.

Don’t worry if you don’t feel like you can get this styling right. We’ll take a good look around your home and help you pick out the right items to include in the photo shoot and the right spots to photograph baby in.

Just do what you can then relax and enjoy the photo shoot.