We ended last year with a long-overdue family photoshoot of our own little family. This was something which we used to do more regularly but as the years go by, it slipped our minds. We just didn’t get ourselves together to do it. Looking back at past photos, they are such beautiful reminders of how small our children were. Such beautiful memories to see how quickly they grow up. These family photoshoots capture our relationship together and the love we have for each other. The images are so special to us and will be even more so as the years pass, so we really do need to keep getting them done regularly. This year we decided to do some Mornington Family Photography at Cape Schanck.

Beach Photoshoots or take your family to the rocks

Normally, our favourite backdrop for our family photoshoots would be a beach. This time we still chose to go seaside to the scenic end of the Cape Schanck Boardwalk which is below the lighthouse. There is no sand to walk barefoot on.  But the kids are a lot older now.  We took the chance and took them to a place where we have photographed before and is only suitable for adults and older kids. You need to climb over unstable rocks to get to the loveliest, furthermost part. But don’t worry when you can’t get there. The whole area is perfect for your Mornington Family Photography.

The climb over the rocks and around a cliff corner takes us to an area which where most tourists don’t bother hiking to. It’s not the easiest place to get to.  You have to watch the tides so that you don’t get stuck out there when it comes in! If you do want to make the effort, you will find yourself at the furthermost edge of Cape Schanck. There, you will find rock pools which stay mirror-calm even when the sea is rough. If you go in the warmer months, you can take a dip in the warm water in those rock pools. Most of the area there is covered in beautiful fluffy moss and the rock wall is red earth. Perfect for some creative photos.

Family Photos at Cape Schanck near Mornington – Family Photography Insider tip

On the trip around to the furthermost edge of Cape Schank, there’s a little channel of water which flows through. Sometimes splashing up high against the rock walls to create a dramatic backdrop. Pulpit Rock is an interesting rock formation which is great to have in the background of photos. The Cape Schanck Boardwalk is a very busy tourist attraction and can be quite crowded during the summer. Most of the tourists will go as far as the area at the end of the boardwalk and then turn around. Walking a bit further around the rockface, you will find that there are fewer people and plenty of space for photos. Be aware to wear comfortable shoes for the hike.  Be aware that it’s not suitable for really little ones but you still can go on the boardwalk. And most important: CHECK THE TIDE! We can’t warn you enough that it can be a bit dangerous there. You can easily get caught by the high tide.

Ideally for couples and older kids

We’ve done a couple of photoshoots down there previously and have loved the look of the area. It was great to finally be able to take the kids down there now that they are older as it’s a little hazardous for younger children. In the past, we’ve had a friend assist us with our own family photo shoot. It’s always handy to have someone to take photos of us all together. This time, we thought we’d just do it ourselves as it was the holiday season and it’s a little bit of drive to get there, meaning that we wouldn’t be home till late. Taking photos of the kids and of each other wasn’t a problem, it’s the photo where we are all in the frame that posed a problem. We took along a little tripod and hoped for the best. There aren’t many flat, stable surfaces for us to set up a large tripod so a small one was the way to go.

The best family photo location close to Mornington

Our photos are another special set of memories. Our styling was kept to simple blue and white which was a beautiful contrast to the red rockface as well as the sea. The rock climbing, rockpools and splashing water kept our youngest one occupied.  While the eldest admired the beauty of her surroundings we had some moments to snap away. The afternoon is the best time to head down there as the light is just more beautiful. We would have liked to have stayed for the sunset but because of the kids and the dangerous walk back, we thought we’d leave a little earlier. Even though we missed out on the sunset, the photos are still magical, especially the ones done with our camera set on self-timer to get us all in. The kids were told to behave and look nice at the camera. But when it clicked but their cheeky nature took the better of them. These cheeky photos are the photos I love the most. Moreover, it was a great opportunity to give out 10 year old the camera to snap a few family photos by himself. And they turned out great. Enjoy the pics.

creative family photos - kid on boardwalk at the rocks in mornington

family on steps with sky backdrop

child in sun - wearing hat - family photos in Mornington

Mornington Peninsula - Kid on rocks looking to sky - wearing shorts and shirt - Cretive children and family photography

Mum and daughter on boardwalk - earthy tones family photos

Family at a rockface - Groupphoto of family by Photographer - Creative phoots - earthy, natural tones

cheeky and fun family photos

relaxed and fun family phoots in Melbourne area - child standing between rocks with reflection

Dad and son sitting together on rocks in a family photoshoot session - Outdoor location photos

Outdoor Family Phoots - Location shoot in Mornington

best photographer in melbourne - little boy holds professional Canon 5D IV camera and takes family photos

couples photos

mum and daughter on location photoshoot

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