Being a newborn baby photographer in Melbourne, I understand why some go back to do it all over again and again. That newborn stage lasts for the shortest time. And most of us spend it just recovering from the birthing ordeal! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be full of energy during the first few weeks of that newborn stage. We could spend every moment just soaking it all in? Instead, we’re trying to recover and work out the needs of the new addition to the family. This is why it’s a great idea to get a newborn photographer in to freeze some of that precious time. Those little involuntary movements, the too-wise-for-their-size gazes, the scrunched up little faces when they want something and you’re not giving it fast enough! All these newborn traits are forgotten about so quickly as we sleep-walk through the later baby stages. It’s so heart-melting to look at photos of your newborn baby and remember it all. Newborn Photo Melbourne - Baby Face

Newborn Photography Session

A newborn photography session doesn’t take too long. The hour to an hour and a half session is enough time to photograph your baby’s beautiful features and movements while they are awake and (hopefully) asleep. The short photoshoot session won’t cut into your day too much and you will find that it’s all that baby can cope with. Baby should be tired out from posing for the camera and sleep soundly for you! For some, putting their babies into baskets or in awkward positions and lit up with bright lights just does not suit their style. Some find it’s a struggle to leave home in the first weeks of their baby’s life! Art of Life’s approach to newborn baby photography is a bit more relaxed and natural. The best thing is I come to you and photograph your newborn baby in their natural surroundings, using their personal items as props and backdrops. These photos end up being very meaningful memories to those who have them done.  Baby Photos in Melbourne - Natural photos - Feet Newborn Photography in Melbourne

Melbourne In Home Photoshoot for newborns

On the day of baby Angus’ photoshoot, it rained. The clouds made lighting a little darker than I would have liked. Fortunately, there was enough light filtering through the windows for me to create the natural-looking images I was after. The camera flash is avoided so as not to disturb baby too much. Flash-photography also creates an unnatural looking light which takes away the natural mood I’m trying to create in my images.  Newborn and baby photos Angus was the perfect text-book newborn baby. He was wide-eyed and inquisitive when the camera clicked away at him, gave me all the poses that a newborn should and fell asleep long enough for me to photograph him in that angelic state. We used his nursery, which fortunately had large windows and the chair in his dad’s office which we pulled close to the window for light. Baby Angus’ blankets and teddy are all his own. It’s a great idea to have some beautiful blankets or wraps handy when choosing to have a photo session done. Some different textures and patterns really do add mood to the images. Newborn Photographer If this is the type of photography you are after for your newborn baby? Do get in touch to book me as your Newborn Photographer in Melbourne. I would love to spend some time capturing your little bundle of joy. baby yawning Melbourne Baby Photographer