Our family photography session in Altona. A beachside photoshoot at sunset – beautiful photos which are an everlasting memory.

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Family Photos at the Melbourne Beaches

For a few years, we endeavoured to have our family portrait taken on a regular basis. The kids were growing up too quickly and before long they wouldn’t want to be in the photos with us! It’s nearly getting to that stage now with the oldest having turned 18 and the youngest is nearly 10. Once a year was regular enough for us. Life gets busy time flies away on us. We managed 3 years in a row and have let a couple of years lapse since our last family photography session. Some of the photos from our previous photography session are on our wall for us to stare at every day. These photos bring us joy each and every time we glance at them.

Beach Backdrop

The beach is our favourite location for photo shoots. There’s something about walking through the sand in bare feet which always puts a smile on our faces. The water is calming and so is the colour palette along the seashore. Wading through the water and splashing it about provides wonderful moments for photos and also takes away the need for any props for our photoshoot. Nice sunsets at the beach are rare. When they do happen, it is just magical. The beach is the best place for sunset photo shoots, providing that the clouds just behave!

Melbourne Beach Photo Locations

Two of our three family photography sessions have been at the beach – Black Rock Beach and Altona Beach. The other one was in the Docklands. We wanted the style of our own family photos to be consistent with the work we produced for our clients. To achieve this, we decided to use our own cameras and that we would take photos of the kids and each other. For all photos where we were all in the frame, we asked some photographer friends to assist. We edited the photos ourselves.

Simple Styling

Styling was kept very simple, keeping in mind not to clash with our environment. Props were also kept minimal. For our first beach photography session, we took along a giant helium balloon. For the second beach photoshoot, our little boy thought it would be fun to go fishing. We thought it would be fun to head out with a make-shift fishing rod with a red apple hanging off the end as the lure. It was so much fun watching the little one trying to catch fish with his rod! Needless to say, we didn’t come home with any fish for dinner! For our city family photo shoot at the Docklands, we opted for a more formal look – just for a change. A vintage camera for our little one to play with was all that we needed as a prop.

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