Planning your Melbourne Family Photography can be lots of fun. Here are some tips.

Photography Location and planning your shoot

Our family photography sessions will be held at a venue of your choice. Choose a beautiful park or a beach location. If you have a beautiful home, you might choose to have your photo shoot there. The venue should be a place which reflects your personalities and brings your family joy. The aim is to make your photo shoot fun which will give us plenty of smiles to capture.

Natural Light Photography

To achieve our natural looking images, we always aim to use natural light and will very rarely bring out our flashes and reflectors. The dreamy photos come from using only high-quality equipment and having an understanding of how to use them effectively to achieve the looks we are after. Being parents ourselves, we know what it takes to bring out those gorgeous smiles from your little ones. You are going to find it very difficult to pick only a handful of photos!

Styling The Photo Shoot

Choose a clothing style and colour palette which compliments each other. Try hard to avoid wearing clashing prints. We’re happy to offer advice on styling your family. Sometimes it’s helpful for your children to bring their favourite toy to the photo shoot. Not only will this keep them entertained, but it’ll also make for great photo props. The styling of your family photo shoot can be as elaborate and fun as you like. Giving your children (especially the smaller ones) something to do and play with will give us more smiley moments to photograph.

Come Prepared

Bring drinks and a little snack for the kids. Even though the photography session only lasts for an hour, it doesn’t hurt to have drinks and food on hand in case your kids need them. Keep it simple by bringing water and easy to eat snacks which won’t make too much of a mess. Don’t forget the nappies and a change of clothing in case someone gets very messy. It’s a great idea to make a list prior to the day.

Animals Welcome

Although animals are welcome on the shoot, keep in mind that some locations do not allow animals. If you do own a dog and want it in the photo shoot, choose an animal-friendly location. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.