It was months since we last saw each other. No time for a long-planned family photoshoot in Melbourne. My parents went over to New Zealand before everything went into lockdown and had to self-quarantine when the arrived home. Just as their quarantine time was up, lockdown came into place. It was pretty strange for us, like so many other families, living in the same city but unable to spend time together. Covid-19 was able to do this to families all around the world. It caused the world to shut down and pay attention to it. For some families, there was the devastation of losing loved ones to the virus. To others, the threat of what this virus can do will always keep them vigilant, if not fearful. Both of our sets of parents are older. My grandmother is ninety! We have our concerns for them and can only hope that this virus spares them.

A family photoshoot after the COVID19 restrictions

When restrictions were lifted, we were so grateful to once again be with our loved ones. Our first gathering was spent doing what we normally did when we got together – we eat, drink and chat. We did keep contact online during the lockdown time, but it’s not the same. Being told that we couldn’t be around one another is something new and really strange. Such a simple right was taken away from us, even if it was for our well-being! We could have visited them but the fear of being an asymptomatic carrier of the virus and passing it onto them made us do the right thing and stayed away.

Best Present for parents – Family Photography

On the day we got together again, we knew that we must do a family photoshoot to celebrate. The perfect present for my parents.  It’s been such a long time since we took photos of my family. Years pass by and we just don’t think about taking photos regularly. More of an effort should be made to get everyone together, especially now that my grandma is ninety! Each year with her around is a special one. The kids grow up so quickly as well so it’s nice to look back on how cute they were.

For this family photoshoot, we took the family to Westerfolds Park nearby. We’ve photographed there many times and love it for its lush bushland, fallen tree trunks and the wildlife you sometimes can spot there – mainly the kangaroos! It’s normally also a fairly quiet spot but due to restrictions easing and that it was a sunny day, there were more people than usual walking around the park! Because there were so many people out and about, we didn’t see one kangaroo. We did get some really cool photos of our family! With the two of us taking photos, we managed to cover everybody in a short time. For our group shot, we set up the camera on a tree branch and ran into the scene. We could have taken a tripod but it’s just something else we have to carry around. There’s always something to prop our camera on to set the timer!

Candid Family Photography in Melbourne

The photos reflect the relationship we have with one another. There are some more conservative-looking photos and there are some more fun photos. We would have liked to have spent more time down there and shoot some more pics. Elderly people and children do not have a good tolerance for long photoshoots so the quicker the better or they get tired! The young boys were able to keep each other entertained but the adults thought we were finished and were ready to go when I had just done some test shots!

The biggest lesson we learnt on this particular shot was not to take elderly people down a hill, especially ones which they have to climb back up! Here’s me thinking that my ninety-year-old grandma was fit and healthy and it wouldn’t be a problem! We had to bring the car down the hill (off-road) to collect her as she was not going to make it back up! Grandma informs me that she’s fine on flat ground but hills are a challenge! Everyone had thought that our family photoshoot was going to be around our home so didn’t wear appropriate footwear. I’m glad we were able to convince them to head out. Look at how beautiful our family photos are.


child jumping a starjump in forest - best nature family photography in Melbourne

sunset family photos - child in park with parents

photos of grandma in park walking - candid photos in Melbourne

Family in park - child playing in nature - Family Photography in melbourne

Kids with great grandma 90 years old - priceless family photos

group shot

family group shot

family photo in park

parents - the best present is a family photography shoot

portrait of grandma